In order to optimally use energy, it requires buffers and inverters which function as charging/discharging devices. For instance, batteries and capacitors buffer the electrical energy. 

Supercaps are double-layer capacitors which are able to emit high currents within a very short time. This means that the Supercaps are the ideal complement to rechargeable batteries and are ideally suited for use as storage devices for highly dynamic processes, amongst other applications.

Battery technologies are selected dependent on operating characteristic, be they minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day or seasonal storage devices. The energy-to-power ratio is the deciding factor, i.e. what is called the C rate. Today’s battery technologies, based on lithium ions, sodium-sulphur (NaS) and vanadium redox flow, achieve long-life batteries which are reliable and safe and which can be used economically today.

Indrivetec inverters for Supercaps and batteries – to get current flowing at all times.

Indrivetec specialises in development and manufacture of high-performance storage inverters and DC/DC converters for Supercaps and batteries. Our energy storage systems can be used for charging or discharging the storage media of power supply systems or interconnected systems in addition to isolated networks, which supply electrical power to areas which are not connected to the public mains. In regenerative or also generator-fed power supply systems, batteries or Supercaps ensure that high quantities of energy can be supplied, even in the short term. 

Together with our project partners, we ensure a reliable power supply, even in remote areas.
Energy storage power plants and island grids will be designed by us from concept to commissioning, including service programs. 

Our inverters are BDEW- and VDE-AR-N 4110 certified and comply with today’s power supply system requirements, even in weak power supply systems. 

Moreover, all devices can be connected in parallel, i.e. x inverters can be used at the same time in a system, which allows installations to be operated up to power ratings of multiple MW.

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